Sustainable Artist

Art according to Madeline Arnault

Madeline is a graduate student in Claremont and we are fortunate enough to have her come by our factory to grab discard items to use in her art projects.  Here she is playing with abstract shapes and working to reclaim the obvious mark of her hand in these hand-stitched individual quilt panels.  She used Berkeley Ergonomics wool, organic cotton, and her own threads to create them.  Madeline also has an upcoming project themed "Route 66" at the LA County Fair.  We look forward to bringing you news and photos from that event.

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Arnault 3.jpg
Arnault 1.jpg
The expression sustainable art has been promoted recently as an art term that can be distinguished from environmental art that is in harmony with the key principles of sustainability, which include ecology, social justice, non-violence and grassroots democracy ~ Wikipedia