Active w description - 2018 update.jpg

Our Active SC model features a pre-compressed pocketed coil from Germany topped with a 2" 100% natural Talalay latex comfort layer. It has deep contouring but with a lighter touch than the Interactive. The Active SC pairs a top layer of highly elastic natural latex foam with a pre-compressed base layer of German coils.

BE1500 w description - 2017 update.jpg

The BE 1500 combines the supple comfort of natural Talalay latex with the elastic density of a nested base coil with an exceptionally high coil count of 1500 coils. We designed this model for those who like surface comfort combined with yielding yet buoyant support.

Interactive w descriptions 2017 update.jpg

Our unique Interactive offers dynamic responsive support and is one of our most popular models with a long track record of comfort and durability.