Sustainable Heritage

Berkeley Ergonomics - 25 years of sustainable heritage

Since the mid-nineties we’ve been making zippered mattresses from natural and chemically safe materials designed to provide comfort, function and durability. From the beginning we have been committed to creating sleep designs that stand up to many years of use while limiting our impact on the planet and its people.

In a world where products are increasingly designed to be disposable, mattresses are often made from cheap components and will end up in land-fill after a short period of use. Every single purchasing choice we make has an environmental impact.

As our climate changes and the world’s population keeps growing, it’s getting more and more important to research options and make responsible decisions.
Don’t just shop - demand more from your bed. Help us transform the way people sleep - invest in sustainable, comfortable, durable and affordable sleep.

Positive Change

Berkeley Ergonomics – Mattresses for positive change

Even the leaf design in our organic cotton knit is not dyed but naturally color grown

Even the leaf design in our organic cotton knit is not dyed but naturally color grown

Choose mattresses made from chemically safe materials, from mainly natural sources

Choose zippered mattresses that can be adjusted for comfort by changing out components or where parts can be replaced down the line (like when your cat/dog/baby had a little accident and you really want a new cover).

Choose mattresses made with durable components that will last for many years while still performing as they should.

Do NOT buy your mattress on-line if you don’t know what it feels like. Chances that you will want to return it are much higher and contrary to popular belief, used mattresses cannot easily be donated to a good cause but often get picked up by 1-800-GOT-JUNK and end up in landfill sites.

Care about yourself and your quality of sleep and realize that “good enough” is not your best choice. It is important that you go into a store and allow your body to feel the differences in mattress models, enabling you to choose the optimal combination of comfort, support, pressure relief and temperature control. To live your best life you need the best sleep possible.

Buy your mattress from independent, locally owned and operated retailers who sell mattresses made by independent manufacturers focused on quality, performance, durability and value. In short: People who are in it for the long run, stand behind their product, deeply care about their community, love to share their knowledge about sleep and will expertly guide you through your choices to make sure the bed you buy is right for YOU.

Our Promise

When the time comes for a replacement, you will never go back to conventionally made mattresses!


With a Berkeley Ergonomics Sleep Set you can change everything while sacrificing nothing!

Celebrate your values
Simplify your choices
Enjoy lasting comfort with functional, certified healthy components


Learn more about how we help through our manufacturing up-cycle program with local teachers, artist, students, crafters, and more