how do i decide?

          how do i decide?

How to choose a healthy mattress? 

While it is of prime importance to offer a chemically safe sleep environment this is not the only important criteria when selecting a mattress.

Comfort is always the first priority in finding the right mattress. Comfort is a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. Only if your body is supported in a comfortable position, you can sufficiently relax to enjoy deep and restoring sleep.

Other crucial aspects are:

  • Pressure Relief on shoulder and hip – encourages good blood flow to muscles, joints and outer tissues of the body
  • Proper support and alignment – active dynamic 3D support to keep spine and joints in their “neutral” least stressed position. Neutral alignment and spinal decompression allows joints and connected tissues to relax, rehydrate and even heal
  • Sleep climate – good ventilation, temperature and humidity control – helps to slow down the autonomic body functions and complete sleep cycles.
  • Ability to move freely – Healthy people will and should change position during the course of the night which helps prevent blood pooling, muscles from becoming stiff and sore, joints and spine from becoming stiff and maintaining flexibility
  • Healthy Breathing – free of harmful chemicals and allergen resistant
  • Individual fit – individual support and comfort, no motion transfer, no compromising with your sleep partner