Reviews and Comments

“I am a 61 year old guy who has had a dozen mattresses in my life. Sealy, Serta, Posture Pedic, memory foam. Two Select Dials beds and my last mattress was a Casper. I was never happy with any of them. I have now slept on your mattress for the second night and LOVE IT! I have slept in on purpose because it feels so great! Thank you!”

-Mark Haworth

Berkeley Ergonomics beds are amazing! After spending more than a year looking for a mattress system (yes an integrated sleep system) and trying every bed manufacturer in Southern California we happily landed on Berkeley! And we didn’t just buy a bed, we have the entire Berkeley mattress system: supports, mattress, pillows and spreads. As I inferred, Berkeley is a total ‘sleep system made for comfort.’ Using their Pillows, their Comforter and their Mattress as an integrated system for tranquil rest, we feel the end result of their exceptional workmanship and choice of materials every night by the luxurious rest we receive. Our Berkeley Ergonomic bedding was worth every penny. And, if you get a chance to meet the owners, do so. Their knowledge of this business is quite exquisite and their welcoming nature will soften your heart.

Do this, go buy Berkeley Ergonomics. Simply the best.
— David Zki
“I absolutely love my bed ...after having to stay in a recliner during my pregnancy which was very difficult. When I was able to go back to my bed, I loved every minute of it. In addition, my adjustable made it easy for me to breastfeed!”
— Margery Koveleski
I have an adjustable set with the Interactive mattresses on German adjustable bases, and I gotta tell ya I can’t wait to get home to my bed when I travel. I sleep cool and awaken refreshed and NEVER with a sore back. Very well designed beds!
— Gern B.
I would keep in mind that Berkeley Ergonomics imports their springs and microsprings from Europe and also offers the ability to customize a mattress so the “value” of a mattress purchase from BE includes more than just the material value of the mattress.

I don’t know of any online manufacturer or retailer that offers a similar design with pocket springs, latex, and a micro-coil.
— Phoenix
I decided to by a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress since their website is quite simple to follow, and they have plenty of appealing qualities. I wanted a company that is conscious of the environment, but not so outlandish that I could not afford the product. I had some questions about firmness and when I spoke to them on the phone they referred me to their dealer, SOVN, that is close to where I live. (The guys at SOVN were the nicest up front people).

They are honest about not having certified organic end products because they feel the real advantages and disadvantages come down to cost for most customers. There is a zipper that opens so you can see the layers of pieces that make it so comfortable. They have these excellent European components: wool which they told me is a natural fire retardant so no need for the chemicals there; Cotton that is organic, and to me it is soft and breathable and just feels natural; Latex that is long-lasting, and is 100% natural.

I bought my “Willow” mattress from their store. I have a quality mattress that is undeniably comfy, and at least half the cost of some other mattresses I looked at; and I sleep so much better on this new bed.
— Roy W.
I own 3 of the Berkeley Ergonomic mattresses and they are the best I have owned. I recommend them to all my friends.
— Louis
My husband and I were recently looking for a cleaner alternative to our current mattress. The experience at The Mattress & Sleep Company was fantastic— Christo encouraged me to try many different options within the store, complete with pillow choices, as well. We decided on the Berkeley Cairo and we have had such wonderful, restorative sleep since then! I’m currently eight months pregnant with twins and I have been able to sleep through the night since getting the Cairo. It’s truly a great mattress for someone interested in a pillow top-like option that provides nice support. We couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Thank you, Christo, and the team at TM&SC!
— Sarah
What everyone says is totally true. After a looooooong week of mattress hunting my mom and I decided to stop into this store right by my house on the way home. They actually were just closing the door, but let us in anyways! (right there they had me! what service!!) Nancy helped us. Asked me a few questions, and price point. I explained to her I was looking for something as “clean” as possible, and she immediately directed me to the Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses. Not only was I satisfied with all the materials they use, but I explained to her the pain I have from being a side sleeper. The mattress she referred is the most comfy mattress I’ve ever laid on. It was just delivered today, and we can’t WAIT to sleep on it. 5 stars to their customer service. Nancy and everyone else were top notch. They even let us have loaner pillows to try out to make sure it’s one that works for us. The first one we tried wasn’t, so I was relieved to know I wasn’t just stuck with it. Everyone should buy their mattresses here!!! Very pleased.
— Tamra