Tawnie Osejo

Fiber Artist

Known to most who follow her on Instagram as knottietawnie, Tawnie is a fiber artist extraordinaire who works on a larger scale than most felt artisans. She has been needle felting since the fall of 2015 and competed 2015-2017 in fair and won best in show 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the LA and San Bernardino county fairs. Tawnie dabbles in felted paintings, toys and wool art toys. Tawnie enjoys creating pieces that make people stop and smile.

We have donated to her art by giving her large bags of our 275g and 500g wool. She turns them into the most incredible critters by felting them to a wire form she makes herself. Tawnie calls herself a So Cal crochet and needle felting artisan, we call her fabulous.

This is a pair Tawnie recently felted. “Grasp” on the right is modeled after a Capuchin monkey!

This is a pair Tawnie recently felted. “Grasp” on the right is modeled after a Capuchin monkey!

Better known as “Ice Cream the Unicorn”.

Better known as “Ice Cream the Unicorn”.

Meet “Treble” who seems to like the recent snowfall in Southern California.

Meet “Treble” who seems to like the recent snowfall in Southern California.

This is “Fable”, after completion, he will be a whooping 10 feet long and approximately 4/5 foot in height.

This is “Fable”, after completion, he will be a whooping 10 feet long and approximately 4/5 foot in height.

Find Tawnie at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, Melrose Trade Post, Torrance Sreet Faire or Instagram direct message @knottietawnie.

Coachella Valley Artist

20180822_104006 (1).jpg

Bill Schinsky

Bill divides his time between his art and being the Executive Director at the Coachella Valley Art Center. His latest piece is done for a Veterans exhibit at the Marks Gallery, College of the Desert, Palm Desert. The installation is his interpretation of the 1968 TET Offensive's Battle of Hue, Viet Nam. The event was his introduction to Viet Nam and War. Bill used Berkeley Ergonomics wool to represent the 216 American boys killed during the month long battle.  They "float" on a bed of dirt and charcoal bits.



Fiber Artist and Photographer

Mimi Haddon

“… is a fiber artist and photographer who uses vibrant color as her main medium.  She can often be seen around town creating temporary colorful soft sculptures that respond to the architecture and environments of Los Angeles.  She is a certified Chopra Center meditation teacher and recently received her MFA in Fiber Art from CSULB. Mimi teaches at FIDM and The Craft and Folk Art Museum”.  Mimi has used Berkeley Ergonomics wool as part of her medium in these fine art pieces.

Classic silhouettes against colorful retro costumes and landscapes full of texture and blur reflect Mimi Haddon's colorful manifesto: enjoy life. www.mimihaddon.com

1 snake.png
1 ovary.png

Alt 66

Madeline Arnault at the LA County Fair 


Using Berkeley Ergonomics remnants of wool, latex and coils Madeline created her artistic quilted landscape of the petrified Forest and Painted Desert as old Route 66 cuts through the scenery.  "The myth of the Mother Road comes to life through the vibrant colors and patterns"  The theme at the fair, Alt 66, explores history that is important to understanding the experiences of all travelers at the peak of Route 66's popularity.  Alt 66 leads visitors to experience critical perspective os the iconic "Mother Road" addressing issues such as segregation, migration, American Leisure and economic development during the 20th century.  This exhibition provokes ideas about Route 66 that are seldom or not yet explored through 14 istallations and is the next interpretation of the search for our country's compelling stories of cultural fusion from Chicago to Santa Monica and the 2,448 miles in between and beyond.


Grids, Patterns, Structures and Networks


Artist Lesley Kice Nishigawara

In this piece, Lesley made both stairs with donations from Berkeley Ergonomics using wood pieces.  The grey stairs are padded with the remnants of our soft 500g Merino wool! We appreciate the redirection of all discards that improve our footprint on Earth. 

In her exhibition at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, Lesley Kice Nishigawara adds another layer of complexity to these real life repetitions by abstracting them through time and human interaction. Repetition gives us a sense of familiarity and comfort such as when we see patterns or hear sounds over and over again. Repeated things can become so familiar that we don’t notice them anymore.
— ArtsuZe, Som Vilaysack

Sustainable Artist

Art according to Madeline Arnault

Madeline is a graduate student in Claremont and we are fortunate enough to have her come by our factory to grab discard items to use in her art projects.  Here she is playing with abstract shapes and working to reclaim the obvious mark of her hand in these hand-stitched individual quilt panels.  She used Berkeley Ergonomics wool, organic cotton, and her own threads to create them.  Madeline also has an upcoming project themed "Route 66" at the LA County Fair.  We look forward to bringing you news and photos from that event.

Arnault 2.jpg
Arnault 3.jpg
Arnault 1.jpg
The expression sustainable art has been promoted recently as an art term that can be distinguished from environmental art that is in harmony with the key principles of sustainability, which include ecology, social justice, non-violence and grassroots democracy ~ Wikipedia

Upcycled for Animal Shelter Donations

One kind recipient of our Berkeley Ergonomics remnant discards is Cheryl, who manages to put tremendous effort into helping cats and dogs at the animal shelter.  Cheryl takes our discarded quilted wool and organic cotton, washes it to felt the wool, then sews a fabric cover to it and creates a soft, warm bed.  She and her friends then donate the cat/dog beds to local animal shelters.  


Stuffed Animals

charity bears ornament..jpg

What could you do with all those wool discards? 

Bonnie is a purveyor of up-cycling and promotes her ideas through Berkeley Ergonomics wool discards.  Her passion is evident because she drives to our factory from San Diego and picks up a truckload of quilted remnants to distribute throughout her circle of friends.   One friend,  Karen has made numerous stuffed animals that are being donated to foster care children bags for when the child is transitioning into new homes.  Thank you Bonnie.


Needlepunch Art by Una

Una Walker: fiber artist

In this picture Una has collected discards of Berkeley Ergonomics organic cotton, cut it into strips, dyed it, then needle punched it into this fabulous 15" round rug.  Thank you Una for sharing your lovely art made from up-cycling Berkeley discards. 


Una is a Fiber Artist from Claremont, California whose fashion and artwork has been exhibited nationally.  She teaches both wet felting and rug punching.

You can find Una at www.woolywalkers.com.   


Fabulous Sculpture
by artist Danielle Giudici Wallis


The small piece with the glass dome is called "specimen" and the larger piece is untitled as it's a study for doing something larger scale.  This recent work (made with recycled fibers of wool panel remnants from Berkeley Ergonomics) uses the nerve cell as a starting point to explore ideas of connection, and suggests parallels between our inner biology and the external morphology of the plant kingdom. 

Danielle Giudici Wallis is an artist, educator and arts administrator currently residing in Redlands, California.  Danielle's website is http://www.giudiciwallis.com


Upcycling at the Craft & Folk Art Museum Los Angeles

MiMi Haddon

Fiber artist Mimi Haddon leads a soft- sculpture workshop using re-used and recycled fiber-based materials such as wool donated by Berkeley Ergonomics. They experiment with foam, thread, and fabric to create a soft-fiber sculpture using basic techniques such as stitching, applique, and pattern-making.


Artist Cameron Taylor-Brown (Arts Garage LA) and artist Jamia Weir

Their Fiber Art Workshop at the CAFAM in Los Angeles was amazing.  After a tour of the museum, they offered an hour class on the creative art of fiber.  Everyone participated using a variety of items including our quilted organic cotton and wool; coils; and natural latex.  This was an awesome experience, and a wonderful museum.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate and become a donor to the fiber art community.


Upcycled Wood

Conchi Sanford

The practical side of every artist…

Conchi is hardworking to create up-cycled uses our wood rejects and pallets. Here she has created a toy box, some lawn furniture and planters.

Up-cycled men walking to the beat of their own drum.

Made from wood that was rejected as not good enough for our wood foundations, the talented Conchi Sanford (www.conchisanford.com) created these awesome sculptures for the Quema del Diablo in Joshua Tree, CA. 

Conchi walking men.jpg

Creative Imagination at the Muckenthaler


The Muck is a cultural center housed in a historic 1920's mansion in the heart of Fullerton. The center hosts exhibitions, performances and educational programs.
Visit: www.TheMuck.org

The mission of The Muckenthaler is to provide the public with experiences that stimulate creativity and imagination, while conserving the heritage and architecture of the Muckenthaler Estate.

We recently donated some of our material remnants (coils, latex and fabric) to this amazing organization and are proud to support their engaging educational programs to Orange County’s diverse communities and beyond.
These slippers were made by young students currently in homeless shelters and refugee centers. With a little bit of imagination and creativity, they transformed the foam from our mattresses into cozy house slippers! 

The Muck says "We are a celebration of the human spirit through the arts" and we are so happy to be a small part of this.  

At the Muckenthaler Multi-Arts Summer Camp, Lead Artist Marsha Judd inspired students to use their imaginations as they created whimsical wire sculptures with our coils!
Watch this video: https://youtu.be/ApC6LOPtXII

Upcycling for the Fiber Artist

Hanna Adler left her life as a veterinarian in native Finland to our doorsteps in Southern California. 


She is a wonderful water colorist who has a new passion for felting.  Hanna recently visited our factory to pick up some remnants of quilted organic cotton, wool, and camel.  We are so excited about her fabulous Rock Rug creation made from remnants of our Merino Wool!



Remnant discards of quilted cotton, wool, and camel are available free to pick up from the factory in Ontario, California.  The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas we have saved for you "What can I do with that wool and fiber?". 
Simply send an email to bestaffwriter@berkeleyergo.com with the subject "Upcylables for pickup".  We will gladly accommodate you on a 1st come basis each Friday.

Upcycling to Play Pads

The talented Laura has used remnants of our quilted panels of wool, organic cotton, and camel to create a wonderful pad for the grand-babies.   The adorable Chiara and Thanos will have hours of fun on their new double-sided play mat grandma made especially for them.  

See what an idea, some creativity, and a whole lot of love can do, thanks Laura.


Kisses: 5 Cents


Wendy La Croix is a mixed media artist in Southern California. 

She has used the Berkeley Ergonomics mattress pillow top wool to stuff the fabric piece then added stick pins to it.  Wendy calls her piece "Kisses: 5 Cents" and it’s meant to hold little notes or memorabilia ...or whatever suits your fancy! 


You can find Wendy's artwork on her Mixed Media art site:  www.badgirlscouture.com

Upcycling into art with Uncle Bacon

We have been recycling paper, plastic and metal for many years but it has been difficult to find ways to recycle some of the other materials that are generated during our manufacturing process or we receive as part of packaging.

We contacted some local artists to show them what we have and Bob Hurton, our favorite print artist, and several of his students printed some of their creations on wood panels we receive as dividers on our wood shipments. 

Bob is currently teaching at The Garcia Center for the Arts in San Bernardino.  Check out his upcoming workshop Introduction to Linocut Relief Printmaking here: Bob's Linocut 🔗

julie scrivner.jpg