Ergonomics - Your mattress designed to fit you

Ergonomics is defined as the science of "making things fit people instead of asking people to fit things". This is at the core of our philosophy. Ergonomics uses the knowledge of anatomy and physiology with an understanding of engineering and mechanics to maximize product performance.

Our mattresses have been skillfully engineered for deeper sleep. We hand-pick the purest and most durable components, equaling high performance at lower cost.

  • Ecologically healthy components, built to last
  • Designed for optimum support and pressure reduction
  • Designed to aid optimal breathing and posture
  • Multiple styles and firmnesses—dual-sided for couples
  • Eliminates roll-together and center sag
  • Quiet and stable—no side-to-side motion or bounce

Personally Tailored Comfort

Our mattresses and slat bases are dual sided and individually adjustable so you and your partner may enjoy optimal comfort without compromise. To learn about personalized design and construction. 

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Chemically Safe Components

We use natural latex foam and carbon steel independent coils, covered in organic stretch cotton quilted to 100% Plein Air Wool® which is beneficial both for your health and for the environment. They are all certified by OekoTex, a European environmental board which tests for chemical content.

We only use 100% natural latex, derived from rubber trees and free of petrochemicals. All the wood we use comes from sustainable forests in Canada and Europe.

Promoting Optimal Health and Wellness

The quality of your sleep greatly affects your quality of life. At Berkeley Ergonomics, we consider every factor which can aid or impede sleep. Our mattresses are designed to reduce pressure on your shoulders and hips, enabling you to attain a neutral sleep posture for deeper breathing and more restful sleep. Both the mattress core and cover are breathable to allow your perspiration to evaporate while you sleep, lowering your body temperature and reducing your heart rate. Furthermore, our mattresses are hygienic- latex is inherently hypoallergenic, bactericidal, antifungal, and does not harbor dust mites.

Lasting Performance

We hand-pick the purest and most durable components for comfort, support, and durability to retain resiliency for years- all at a lower cost.

A good mattress will perform for approximately 10 years and wear gradually over time. Over this time span your body has aged, possibly gained or lost weight and your support needs might have changed. After having spent close to 30,000 hours in close physical proximity with your mattress it might also be time to consider a change for hygienic reasons.

Your mattress should never develop a dip or sag of 1.5” or more – a standard warranty restriction of the conventional mattress industry.

We offer a 10 year non-pro-rated warranty on our sleep systems and are committed to making sure you are getting a good night’s sleep for years to come.