Independent, Flexible Carbon Steel Coils

We developed the specific design of our individually encased coils in cooperation with the best spring manufacturers in Germany and England. Care and attention to detail go into the production of every individual core.

Just because they're separated from your body by cushioning, doesn't mean coils can be of inferior quality. The shape of the coil, thickness of the wire, and how the coils interact with each other all affect the contour, comfort, support, and durability of a mattress.

In a pocketed coil system, each coil works independently from the rest. This type of coil provides the best body mapping because the coils respond independently. We use pocketed coils only. Our German & English suppliers are well established in the industry and have an excellent reputation for quality, consistency and innovation.

Know-how and consistent quality standards are crucial. The wire in our pocketed coils has the highest possible tensile strength. The machines used by our suppliers use state of the art technology and are operated by well-trained, experienced staff.

Our coils have a considerably higher coil count compared to the conventional coils on the market. In addition, unique performance features like different coil shapes, designs and pre-compression enable us to offer a comprehensive range of feel and support options.

Our pocket coil design:

  • Allows for differentiated conformation to your body weight and shape

  • Makes the mattress virtually motion-free – no disturbing of your sleeping partner when you move

  • Avoids the crunching, squeaking noise when you move

  • Will conform perfectly on adjustable beds

Certified health:

  • Only solvent free glue is used in the construction

  • Oekotex certified to be chemically safe