Openness - Nothing to hide, no secrets

This is why we have a zipper on all products so you can see all the components we are talking about and be sure that what we show in a display bun in the store is what you actually receive. We remove the mystery from the buying experience. Our well trained sales people will explain to you how to choose a mattress that is right for you.

Conventionally "a mattress is a mystery wrapped in fabric" – this was the observation of one of our customers who wanted to let us know how much he appreciated the openness of our concept. The very essence of our mattresses is that they are modular, and above all, internally visible. Not just those little cutaway sales aids. "The entire mattress can be unzipped and laid proudly bare in all its elegantly simple beauty. Hallelujah! At last!" was his sentiment - "The all-natural, see-inside mattress with nothing to hide".

How can you know that you've chosen the right mattress after trying it out in the store for just a short time? Fact is that you may not know until you've slept on your new bed for several weeks. Our open and modular approach to mattress design enables us to change the feel and support characteristics of your mattress should you find that you need a softer or firmer feel down the line. In addition our flexible slat base can be set adjusted to target specific support areas you might need.

Health, Comfort, and Value

We have traveled the world to find the purest and most durable components to build better beds. All of our components are certified by Öeko-Tex Standard 100 confirming that they conform to the strictest European standard for harmful substances and chemicals in mattresses. Combined, they create a clean bed for healthy, more restful sleep.