Our range of mattress designs covers a wide range of different support and firmness options. Once we helped you find the firmness option that provides correct alignment for your body weight and shape, you still have to choose the model that "feels" right for you. The sensation of comfort is very personal. Some people are comfortable with a feel they've been used to over many years, others have been yearning for that extra soft and cradling mattress feel while not wanting to compromise on durability. We have the right flavor for you.


With our pillow program ranging from a contoured natural
latex pillow (Contour) and a natural latex pillow with soft latex flakes (Gümmi) to our wool pillow made with pure Plein-Air wool fill, we are offering a dynamic selection of different materials and styles with their distinct own personalities and feel.

Pillows are a very individual choice, even more so than a mattress, and chances are that you will have a clear preference for one over the other. 

The Contour pillow provides responsive neck support, the Gümmi can be softly molded into shape and the Wool pillow’s gentle resilience cradles and supports your head and neck.


Ergonomics is defined as the science of "making things fit people instead of asking people to fit things". This is at the core of our philosophy. Ergonomics uses the knowledge of anatomy and physiology with an understanding of engineering and mechanics to maximize product performance.

Our mattresses have been skillfully engineered for deeper sleep. We hand-pick the purest and most durable components, equaling high performance at lower cost.