PF Balance Mattress

Perfect balance of support, comfort and climate control

To achieve a new level of pressure relief and climate control we added a layer of 2200 Posturflo coils to our popular DC Nested. This technologically advanced performance layer adds flexible cushion and additional airflow. Combined with the supple firmness of the pre-compressed German mini coils and the supportive elasticity of the nested base coils, the surface of the PF Balance contours to the body with a luxurious feel and superior pressure relief.

Topped with natural latex cushioning the harmonious interaction of the coil dynamics in the different layers create a unique feel providing optimal comfort in any sleeping position.

posturflo balance mattress

posturflo balance mattress

  • 2,200 English Posturflo coils and 1,500 German mini coils over a base layer of nested German coils for a mattress with high contour and maximum pressure relief

  • 100% Natural Talalay latex foam for a soft and flexible surface feel

  • Breathable cotton cover made with 100% organic cotton quilted to 100% pure Plein Air wool for cool, dry sleep

  • Ecologically healthy components built to last

  • Four firmnesses to choose from – dual sided for couples