Our people - Long-term relationships built on shared values

We believe that shared values beginning with our component suppliers, through our employees to our dealers are our fundamental strength allowing us to work towards the same long-term goal of making and supplying our customers with a premium product at a fair price.

We carefully select our dealers and train the sales team to enable them to advise our customers on what bed model and firmness is right for them. 

Colin Hunter

I have over 30 years of experience in the industry and an extensive background in manufacturing and marketing. Tired of empty branding and disillusioned by the compromises in the conventional mattress industry I started to look for alternative approaches to sleep solutions in the early nineties.

This led me to found my own company, initially importing quality components for the mattress industry from Europe and later to co-found Berkeley Ergonomics.

I feel that the strong partnerships with our component suppliers in Europe are an invaluable resource for product research and development. We’re always at the forefront of learning about product innovations and sleep research.

I enjoy directing the development of the innovative technologies that are the basis of our product design. Function and “what works” are the primary principles of why we do what we do.


Andrea Karsten

Born and educated in Baden-Württemberg, the South Western state in Germany known for industrial inventions and its pristine environment, I grew up with an appreciation of function in everyday products and environmental awareness.

Before I joined Berkeley Ergonomics, I worked as Export Manager for the latex manufacturer Dunlopillo in England for over 10 years. They had the original know-how & experience making latex dating back  to the Dunlop factory in Birmingham where latex foam was invented in 1929.

I sold latex as a component to mattress manufacturers all over the world and saw numerous mattress and latex factories in different countries. I also worked closely with the Technical Department on quality control & product development and learned a lot about the details and intricacies of the latex manufacturing process. Another important experience was the establishment of the Ökotex Standard in the 90's and learning about testing methods & potentially harmful substances in mattresses.

I enjoy the diversity of my role at BE. As we are a small specialized manufacturer, I get involved at both ends of the supply chain on anything from product development, researching & purchasing components, to product training and communication with suppliers, customers & consumers.

I've always been fascinated by manufacturing and love being involved in the making of a "Need" rather than a "Want" product. Luxury handbags wouldn't be my thing.

With our focus on function, performance, chemical safety, sustainability and openness on all levels I feel we can make a real difference to our customers.


Cynthia Jolivet

I've been in administration, customer service and production for 30 years.

Through my previous role at Bentley Prince Street, the first and only carpet manufacturing facility in the country to be certified Gold LEED-EB, I became aware of the importance of sustainability education, energy conservation and waste reduction in industrial production. I am also a Co-founder of the Green Energy Team (GET),  an organization committed to providing the diverse skills and education   necessary to create high-quality green-collar workers ready for hiring.

Following this path of sustainability I also got involved in the Whole Earth Building Project, Claremont, CA. I believe sustainability on all levels of everyday life is important and am pleased to work for a manufacturer who is committed to only select suppliers with a proven track record of sustainability and chemically safe components.

I enjoy the variety of tasks at Berkeley Ergonomics in my role as production planner and customer service representative. I find the daily communications with our production team and dealers as well as problem solving in a positive team environment challenging and rewarding.


Katherine Nosrat

Katherine smaller.jpg

Manufacturing is second nature to me, I have been in and around all types of factories since youth.  Growing up in Mississippi with a self-employed father, road trips to the local plant were a frequent occurrence (hiding among barrels of plastic pellets was quite fun too). I perfected my skills in the important aspects of manufacturing at Pacific Scientific in Southern California, where I worked as a contract administrator for over 10 years. 

Working in smaller specialized industries such as Berkeley Ergonomics, I am using my expertise in wearing multiple hats.  For years I have been involved in all the interconnected departments of customer service, production, and accounting that you find in business. I enjoy working with customers, suppliers and co-workers and the variety and challenges this brings every day.

Berkeley Ergonomics has fast become my mainstay, and it aligns itself with my strong faith that it is important to care about the planet and future of humanity.