Organic Cotton

organic cotton knit

organic cotton knit

The raw organic cotton used for the cotton knit in our mattress covers and protectors is long staple, sourced from Turkey. “Staple” refers to the length of the cotton fibers. The longer the fibers, the finer the quality of the cotton. Note that the delicate leaf design in our fabric is naturally color grown – not dyed. 

Because cotton is a natural fiber, it’s naturally more elastic. Elasticity is important because it reduces surface tension and allows the mattress to contour and support the sleeper’s body to its maximum ability.
Our cotton is not only organic, it’s also washed. Although organic cotton is already pesticide-free we specify washing as another important step to get rid of any ultra-fine cotton dust (mainly consisting of cotton linters), which can be a potential allergen.    

Our mattress covers are specially designed to optimize airflow and to work with the flexible mattress core to allow optimal contour to the sleeper’s body.                        

Most other fabric manufacturers source some part of their production in Asia or Eastern Europe, but our exclusive supplier, Mattes & Ammann, is unique – they produce in Germany only. They believe that keeping production close to home is the only way to reliably and consistently control their environmental and social impact and meet industry standards.

Mattes & Ammann is a 3rd generation family-run business. They have been producing knit fabrics since 1951 and expanded to include large diameter circular knitting machines in the mid-60s. In 1994 production capacity took another leap forward with the construction of a circular knitting facility.

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Inspired by the pristine environment of their location on the Swabian Alb in Southern Germany, Mattes & Ammann is committed to protecting the environment.

The cotton knit we use for our mattress covers and mattress protectors is certified organic - For certification click here