Typically the first thing we hear when we mention a camel hair pillow is "a what?" The simple truth is that this is an incredible pillow fill. Camels have two coats, a long and hairy outer coat and a downy inner coat. We use only the inner coat, the "camel down." This lovely extra-soft fiber is exceptionally breathable, regulating temperature and humidity better than just about any animal fiber. This is the only pillow we've ever offered which truly invokes a cooling sensation when you rest your head for a nice little nap.

Your camel down pillow includes a removable, washable pillow protector made from 100% certified organic cotton stretch knit. Simply machine wash and dry. The inner pillow also features a zipper, which provides access to the camel fill. This allows the sleeper to add and remove fill to achieve their desired amount of support and thickness. In many ways, truly the perfect pillow.