Beware of fake reviews

Fake reviews by our competition are unwarranted and do a disservice to consumers who want to learn from other consumer’s real experiences.

For the past 3+ years a paid troll has stalked and harassed our company and dealers leaving over 200 fake reviews under numerous aliases all over the internet, a dedicated website and blog. All feature the same false allegations and misrepresentations.

This person pretends to be a consumer whose complaint we ignored. Fact is that we do not have a purchasing record for this "reviewer" nor did they ever contact our factory or any of our retailers with their product complaint under their real identity offering proof of purchase.

Would a real consumer really pay $9.99/ month for a dedicated website for over 3 years to smear a manufacturer rather than talk to their retailer about a complaint resolution?
It appears that one of our competitors - rather than focusing on improving their product design and value - chose to pay a troll to post "reviews" on numerous internet platforms. That makes over $400 just in website fees and countless hours of internet postings.

Welcome to the brave new world of cyber-stalking and smear campaign as a marketing tool.
Are we really taking that much business away from them? Is this really worth sacrificing your integrity for?

Mattress Underground calls out the troll

We recently had an interesting exchange with the troll that confirmed (as if we needed confirmation) that they are NOT a consumer and that what they want is us to stop supplying one of our dealers in Southern California that takes away business from them. In return they promised to remove all reviews. 
Extortion is not a harmless thing and anybody who can supply information leading to the troll’s identity, please email - your help will be rewarded!

We strive to operate a business successfully with no compromises on truth, ethics, integrity and fairness. It appears that not all our competitors are inspired by the same values.

The independent blog - Mattress Underground - called out the troll - you can read more details here and here. 



Certified chemically safe - from day one

Certified chemically safe - from day one

  • Saying "my latex contains 23 chemicals" our troll insinuates that this is unusual and dangerous.

We do not claim that our latex is chemical-free.
No latex is.
We do however claim, that we've always used latex that was certified chemically safe - even before certifications became popular in the United States. Find out more about our latex here.

  • With using images of toxic chemicals in drums, our troll insinuates that Polypropylene is an unsafe material. 

Fact is Polypropylene is an amazing performance material and natural is not always better - find out more here.
Polypropylene (PP) is a safe material mainly used in the food and medical industry as well as 99+% of pocketed coils. It is also allowed under the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Your yogurt comes in a polypropylene container and you're sipping your ice tea through a polypropylene straw.


We use PP for our pocketed coils because in this area of application it is superior to a natural material.
Compared to cotton or other partially natural materials it is: 

·         more functional
·         healthy
·         more durable
·         more choices of different coil designs and dynamics 

Deep breathing helps deep sleep

Deep breathing helps deep sleep

When it comes to mattresses, it is important to make functional design choices. Organic cotton knit for our cover is the perfect choice because it stretches and feels good to the touch. For our pocket coils however, we choose polypropylene because in this area of application it is superior to a natural material.

Polypropylene forces moisture to pass through its fibers, expelling it to the fabric’s surface where it can evaporate. This is an important function to avoid mold and mildew build-up inside your mattress.  Humidity, mold and mildew can foster the build-up of allergens in your sleep environment and affect your breathing. 


zippered mattress design - no mystery inside

zippered mattress design - no mystery inside

  • The troll claims that they were unaware that the coils are encased in polypropylene pockets and was sold an all-natural mattress

All our dealers show display buns of our mattresses in their showrooms which clearly expose the coils within mattress models and it is plain to see that the material is not cotton. In addition each mattress has a ZIPPERED cover which can easily be opened and the material content is no mystery.