Upcycling at the Craft & Folk Art Museum Los Angeles

MiMi Haddon

Fiber artist Mimi Haddon leads a soft- sculpture workshop using re-used and recycled fiber-based materials such as wool donated by Berkeley Ergonomics. They experiment with foam, thread, and fabric to create a soft-fiber sculpture using basic techniques such as stitching, applique, and pattern-making.


Artist Cameron Taylor-Brown (Arts Garage LA) and artist Jamia Weir

Their Fiber Art Workshop at the CAFAM in Los Angeles was amazing.  After a tour of the museum, they offered an hour class on the creative art of fiber.  Everyone participated using a variety of items including our quilted organic cotton and wool; coils; and natural latex.  This was an awesome experience, and a wonderful museum.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate and become a donor to the fiber art community.


Upcycling for the Fiber Artist

Hanna Adler left her life as a veterinarian in native Finland to our doorsteps in Southern California. 


She is a wonderful water colorist who has a new passion for felting.  Hanna recently visited our factory to pick up some remnants of quilted organic cotton, wool, and camel.  We are so excited about her fabulous Rock Rug creation made from remnants of our Merino Wool!



Remnant discards of quilted cotton, wool, and camel are available free to pick up from the factory in Ontario, California.  The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas we have saved for you "What can I do with that wool and fiber?". 
Simply send an email to bestaffwriter@berkeleyergo.com with the subject "Upcylables for pickup".  We will gladly accommodate you on a 1st come basis each Friday.

Upcycling into art with Uncle Bacon

We have been recycling paper, plastic and metal for many years but it has been difficult to find ways to recycle some of the other materials that are generated during our manufacturing process or we receive as part of packaging.

We contacted some local artists to show them what we have and Bob Hurton, our favorite print artist, and several of his students printed some of their creations on wood panels we receive as dividers on our wood shipments. 

Bob is currently teaching at The Garcia Center for the Arts in San Bernardino.  Check out his upcoming workshop Introduction to Linocut Relief Printmaking here: Bob's Linocut 🔗

julie scrivner.jpg