Upcycling at the Craft & Folk Art Museum Los Angeles

MiMi Haddon

Fiber artist Mimi Haddon leads a soft- sculpture workshop using re-used and recycled fiber-based materials such as wool donated by Berkeley Ergonomics. They experiment with foam, thread, and fabric to create a soft-fiber sculpture using basic techniques such as stitching, applique, and pattern-making.


Artist Cameron Taylor-Brown (Arts Garage LA) and artist Jamia Weir

Their Fiber Art Workshop at the CAFAM in Los Angeles was amazing.  After a tour of the museum, they offered an hour class on the creative art of fiber.  Everyone participated using a variety of items including our quilted organic cotton and wool; coils; and natural latex.  This was an awesome experience, and a wonderful museum.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate and become a donor to the fiber art community.