What's Our Best Mattress?


Sometimes consumers ask: “What’s your best mattress”.

The answer is simple: Our best mattress for YOU is the one that meets YOUR needs and YOUR preferences at the best value.

All our mattress models meet a sleeper’s needs in terms of support, alignment and pressure relief but the support dynamics of the different coil and latex combinations offer different feels to meet individual preferences.

It is not really possible to describe those feel differences as every sleeper’s perception is different based on their body weight, shape, weight distribution and what their reference point is when describing feels in terms like “soft”, “firm”, “active”, “supportive” etc.

Rather than trying to make up your mind based on descriptions (or other people’s reviews), we recommend that you make your decision based on what mattress feels best to your body.
After all, your choice of sleep system will impact the quality of your sleep and consequently your health and well-being for the next decade of your life.

All our retail partners are experienced and well trained in guiding you through your choices. Please find the closest retailer to your location here: http://www.berkeleyergo.com/stores/