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Beware of fake reviews about Berkeley Ergonomics

For the past 2+ years a troll has stalked and harassed our company and dealers leaving over 200 fake reviews under numerous aliases all over the internet, a dedicated website and blog. All feature the same false allegations and misrepresentations.

This person pretends to be a consumer whose complaint we ignored. Fact is that we do not have a purchasing record for this reviewer nor did they ever contact our factory or any of our retailers with their product complaint under their real identity offering proof of purchase.

This is not the behavior of a consumer interested in a resolution of a product complaint but the strategy of a troll paid to discredit our company.  Please disregard those fake reviews and scroll our website for real information instead. 

Thank you


If you are complaining to the factory about their product wouldn't you provide a dealer name, where you purchased, a receipt, or salesman's name, simple pertinent information? 

Unless, of course, you have another motive for your "fake" review.  Read the reply by the expert professional at The Mattress Underground!


A post by the same individual using fake names (why hide it if you are a true consumer?)